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Our Products & Services


Custom Gaskets

Our highly skilled, hardworking team can meet and often exceed even the most challenging customer demands. Our lead Hand Cut technicians has over 30 years of hands-on experience doing nothing but hand cuts on a daily basis. That's why Columbus Gasket employs some of the most qualified designers and manufacturing personnel the gasket making industry has to offer. Members of our team are dedicated to ensuring that your custom gasket maintains a secure seal under required application conditions.


ANSI Full Face & Ring Gaskets

Flanges, Gaskets, and Rings are parts used to seal and prevent leakage, absorb vibration, etc. around a pipe or piping fitting.


Die Cut Gasket

Die cut Gaskets seal between two different surfaces, under compression. Columbus Gasket is an expert manufacturer of die cut industrial gaskets from all materials. The die cut industrial gaskets sealing is a result of the compression forces created by sufficient bolt load, and also works to fill the imperfections on the mating surfaces to be sealed.(ANSI Flange Standards)


Lathe Cut Gasket

Lathe cut rubber gaskets are manufactured from a cylinder of rubber by inserting a metal bar or shaft into the rubber cylinder and cutting the finished dimensions with a knife while the shaft is being turned at a high rate of speed in a lathe type machine.

Extruded Products

Extruded rubbers or other compounds/materials are a product that is pushed through a tooling in a less than solid state to form the desired shape and dimensions that are necessary for the required application. It is often made into assorted strips and channels that run continuously for a predetermined length. These can be hollow or solid with the most common being C, T, P, D, H, E, and U Shaped (see below for examples).

Molded Parts

Molded parts are a finished product where a liquid or a liquid compound (often rubber) is poured into a form and is allowed to set up to obtain the desired shape. Great for large production jobs where consistencies and high tolerances are required. A very cost effective way to produce large quantities of parts.


Water-jet Cutting

Water-jet cutting is an industrial tool capable of cutting an assortment of materials using a pressure jet of water. Excellent for thicker materials. Allows us to cut materials where high heat sensitivity is an issue. Great for cutting gaskets or materials where tolerances are critical. Able to cut metal(s), granite, tile/tile inlays, glass, plastic, rubber, gasket material(s), felt, sponge

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound gaskets are composed of both a metallic and a filler material. Generally, the gasket has a metal (normally carbon rich or stainless steel) wound outwards in a circular spiral (other shapes are possible) with the filler material (generally a flexible graphite) wound in the same manner but starting from the opposing side. This results in alternating layers of filler and metal. The filler material in these gaskets acts as the sealing element, with the metal providing structural support.


Rubber Injection Mold

Rubber injection molding is a process where a solid piece of rubber is placed into a heated form and heated/cooked for a specific amount of time to join two or more parts together to make a single part or piece. This process is somewhat outdated and there are usually other ways to make parts. However, with smaller quantities the advantage to using this method is we can make fairly large parts without the cost of large mold


We work with our customers to make sure that they design and receive the most economical part, which meets their requirements and specifications.

We can manufacture from sample, technical drawing, or straight from electronic drawing file (such as a CAD and DXF files). We also provide our customers with on-going technical advice and support.

Industries We Serve

● Assembly-Line Manufacturing ● Aviation ● Automotive 

● All Types of Manufacturing ● Chemical ● City and County Municipalities ● Construction – Any Contractors ● Correctional Institutions ● Cryogenics ● Distributors and OEM Manufacturers

● Emergency Fire and Rescue ● Fabricators ● Fluid Power

● Food and Beverage ● Hospitals ● Irrigation Equipment

● Kilns- Heat treat ● Mechanical Applications ● Pipe Supply

● Plastics ● Pulp and Paper ● Tank Builders ● Universities

● Water Treatment / Water Construction

.…and many more

Joe is the go-to man on the floor. With years of experience and a passion for excellence, he assures the highest quality in every order.

Joe DeCarlo
Clicker - Floor Manager

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