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Our Craftsmanship

With over 80 years of combined experience, our craftsmen deliver excellence in every order.


Custom Cut Gaskets, made to order.

Hand Cut — Specialized items that require skilled craftsman are produced in our specialty shop. We are able to bond rubber and other materials to metal, fabricate sleeves, and produce gaskets that cannot be otherwise die-cut.

Machine Cut — With state of the art gasket cutting equipment we can produce small quantity set-ups or large order runs. We are able to die cut gaskets to your exact specifications using a wide range of gasket materials. Consult with our profession technicians on the best material for your gasket needs.

Lathe Cut - Typically less expensive than molded alternatives and is a great choice for high volume gaskets.Lathe cutting also is good when beveled edge gaskets or tight tolerance gaskets are required. The lathe cutting process is also a good choice when large OD gaskets or small ID gaskets are required.

  • Additional Capabilites

  • Die-Cut Parts

  • Injection Mold Splicing

  • Custom Extruded and Molded Parts

  • Water-jet Parts

  • Vulcanizing

  • Kiss Cutting

  • Strip Cutting

  • Consulting Services

  • Steel Rule Die Making

  • Cold Bonding

  • Expedited Delivery

  • Blind & Customer Direct Shipments

  • Same Day Service often Available 

  • Ability to apply or laminate pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to most materials

Attention to Detail

Our team of professionals check and double check, every aspect of your order to ensure the highest level of performance in every piece we produce. 

Quality checks for precision and accuracy is part of every order to fulfill our mission of providing the highest level of performance with every product we deliver. 

Commitment to Excellence

We believe our job is to make products that are of the highest quality, to provide the highest level of performance, with the best customer service throughout the order process with every gasket and seal we deliver.

"My job is precision in every cut. I make every cut exact to customers specs so the customer has the best performance possible from our product."

Sokhan Ngim
32 years Experience
Hand Cutter

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